Is This The Ultimate Combination For Encouraging Hair Growth? LABO Paris

At one point, I thought I was part of a minority who obsessed over their hair growth, both in terms of thickness and in length. My hair has got ridiculously thin over the past 5 years. It’s clear I must have had a real shed of hair, and it never really came back.

After spending many months researching into hair loss, hair thickness, density and growth, I found it is one of the most searched for topics on the internet.

It seems most women are looking for ways to increase hair growth, gain more density and volume, and have reduced hair loss.

I was recently introduced to Labo Paris, an online retailer who specialise in products designed for those who have sluggish hair growth, need increased density and a reduction in actual hair loss. They don’t just specialise with one key hero product, but rather offer a fair few ‘regimes’ so to speak, which offer a full package.

So, lets see what products from LABO Paris I’ve been using, and how I have been finding them…

LABO Paris offer sets and packages, which combine a number of products to create a regime. One of the sets I spied which was of interest was the Hair Growth Shampoo and Lotion Combo – a set designed to reduce hair loss and strengthen the hair fiber when used together. Plus, they are designed for both men and women.

So you have a clearer idea of the products in this set, the 200ml BPC Shampoo is to be used a maximum of 2 to 3 times per week. Then you have the 100ml CCL Lotion, which is fine to be used daily usage. This acts as a spray on the scalp product, which you simply mist on daily and do not rinse.

The other product I’ve been using is the D-Lab 28 day program capsules Hair Growth Complex (56 capsules). You can get all three of these products as part of the Maintenance Hair Growth Set, which contains the Shampoo, the Lotion and the Vitamins, all created to work in tandem to reduce hair loss.

This Maintenance set usually costs £79, but is currently on offer for £55, which is great value for a set of super powerful, effective products!

I started using all 3 of these on the same day, and have been using for a full month now. I can’t really say which product has been working the most as I’ve been using a combination since day 1, but what I can say is that all three seem to be working together perfectly!

I’ve been using the shampoo around 2 days a week, and already I’m noticing much less hair fall in the shower and in my brush. It didn’t happen immediately after the first go, it was more after the second week that I noticed a significant reduction in hair fall.

BPC treating shampoo

  • Contains Zinc & Copper which promotes hair growth,
  • Features Silanol, a metabolic stimulant which restructures hair fiber,
  • Features Silicium to preserve and strengthen the hair fiber,
  • Contains Organic Orange Water, which guarantees brilliance and vitality.

The next product I’ve been using around 5 times a week is the CCL lotion. Take a look below at some of it’s key ingredients:


  • VICIA FABA (Broad Bean): Promotes expression of genes necessary for growth and the renewal of the hair,
  • ORGANIC BORDOCK: Used for its Sebo-regulating properties. Astringent power that helps to combat the hypersecretion of sebum,
  • CORN SEED EXTRACT: Dynamize the intercellular exchanges, reinforces the hydration of skin of scalp,
  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA: Recognized for its soothing, moisturizing and restorative properties.

    Hair Growth Complex

    I always have faith in a high quality hair complex capsule, as in a nutshell, they should provide an instant boost of all the essentials for hair growth and to prevent loss.

    These Labo Paris Pure Keratin vitamins contain safe, essential ingredients for hair growth which work directly to accelerate hair growth. One of the magic ingredients in these is the high dose of keratin – a hero ingredient for assisting with hair fall reduction, increasing hair mass, radiance, and shine.

    I noticed that when I started using all 3 products, my nails literally went stronger and clearer immediately. I’d say about 5 days! Now that has got to be down to these capsules…

    Overall thoughts…

    It’s been just over a month since I’ve been using these three magic products in combination with each other, and so far, I’m overjoyed with the results. Hair fall was a massive problem to me, and I’d wince when I saw it falling when brushing my hair after washing, or when stood in the shower.

    My hair is way too fine to risk loosing any more, so luckily, these products in tandem seem to be keeping the fall much more minimal.

    And my roots seem to be much more noticeable, which can only mean onr thing – faster hair growth! The roots are super shiny and look healthy and strong. I haven’t had them highlighted for a while, so I’m simply judging pure, natural root. And so far, so good!

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