My hair lately has been very frizzy, dry and lifeless. I get it trimmed regularly and it still seems to live a very dull life. So, when Labo Paris reached out offering to let me try out their new shampoo and vitamins, I was more than happy to test them out! 

To be honest, it was the vitamins that initially caught my interest. I see all of these insta celebs plugging them and I even heard a girl in the salon mention that she was trying them out too one time. My interest was completely piqued and I wanted to see for myself what the hype surrounding hair vitamins was actually all about.

Of course, I did do my research before ingesting these vitamins, I wanted to be certain that I actually wanted to be putting these inside of my body, and since the instructions weren’t in English it felt even more important to look them up beforehand.

Upon my Google search, I found that these hair vitamins are necessary and beneficial in the life cycle of your hair, and if like me you’re not the healthiest eater in the world, they’re going to make a big difference because your body does need these vitamins. However, if your body is already stocked up with these vitamins and you’re eating pretty healthily, the affects won’t be as fast nor as noticeable which seems fair, and if you do already have enough vitamins in your body, stocking up extra won’t really make that much of a difference.

It’s also true that many of us are deficient in vitamins because of things such as our diet and even stress. It’s pretty common knowledge too that stress does have an affect on your hair because your body will be redirecting your nutrients to where you need them the most – your hair isn’t on that list. So in that instance, taking these vitamins and ensuring your body is getting what it needs will help your hair stay fresh and alive.

If you take these vitamins consistently enough, you will notice that your hair will become shinier and healthier looking because it reopens your oil glands. If like me, you’re noticing that your hair is lifeless and in need of some oil, yet you don’t want to apply masks or more conditioner, then taking these vitamins is an easy and less time-consuming way to go about things.


I think that after trying these out and getting a feel for them, I’d keep them in my beauty routine. I don’t really have the time to sit with a mask in my hair and I also don’t feel like slapping on any more products onto my hair anyway, so taking vitamins to me is the easiest way to do this. I have noticed my hair looks (and feels) fresher, I especially noticed it after the first few weeks of trying these out which tells me that I was probably a bit deficient and needed to be taking these anyways.


Labo Paris also sent me a hair loss shampoo. They told me that this was actually with the intention of helping my hair grow and appear thicker, so I didn’t let the “hair loss” title put me off using this shampoo simply because, I’m not losing any hair. When checking the ingredients on their website, there is a full description explaining what each ingredient does to promote hair growth and strength, so I wasn’t a sceptic about this shampoo, but definitely very interested.

When I first tried this it was the smell that I could’ve gotten drunk off, it’s a very fresh smell which I wasn’t expecting – usually these types of shampoos smell a bit chemically and off-putting, I then left it in my hair for a few moments whilst I got on with washing my bod and face, washed it out and went on with my day. I was advised only to use this a few times a week, so I decided to stick to it twice weekly for about a month, and I did notice a change in my hair.

I feel like my hair definitely had a stronger appearance and I was surprised by this because I wasn’t actually expecting too much out of the shampoo. But my hair felt bouncier and looked fuller, I can’t say if the shampoo made my hair grow any more than it usually would though due to my regular trims, but there was a life in my hair that didn’t exist previously. I’m happy about this result because honestly, my hair goals in life is totally Zooey Deschanel and she has the bounciest, fullest hair ever. Again though, the instructions were mostly in French and I had to rely on the information given to me directly from Labo Paris, I also did a quick google to see if hair loss shampoos will make you lose hair: they do not FYI.

So overall, my hair is looking and feeling a lot better thanks to trying out these products. I definitely recommend looking into whether or not you actually need the vitamins, you can get checked at your GP for vitamin deficiency because obviously just taking vitamins is a bigger deal than trying out a shampoo!

Georgia Anne Blog Post: http://www.georgiaanne.co.uk/2019/04/taking-care-hair-labo-paris/

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